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Publisher Greg Tutwiler

Bridgewater, Virginia — Americana Weekly is designed to supplement the print edition of Americana Rhythm Music Magazine. AR Weekly seeks to offer a constant flow of related genre’ information that otherwise gets lost on the cutting room floor. “We get so many pieces of interesting information in the form of News Releases and emails,” states publisher Greg Tutwiler. “When you print a 25 to 30 page magazine every couple months, unfortunately you have to give up a lot of really good stuff.”

“So we put together this on-line weekly version to be able to put out some of the information we can’t otherwise use. Most of the material has been posted as received. We do very little editing, on purpose. These articles are already well written press releases from many of our industry friends. The point is to get it out quickly to our readers.” Americana Rhythm Weekly is updated weekly, depending on the season, and the volume of incoming information. “The cool thing about this format is that you will be able to subscribe to the feed, as well as pass it along, and post it in all of the various social networking sites,” stated Tutwiler. “We’ll also mail updates to our regular email list every couple of weeks, just to remind folks that there’s fresh information available.”

And if you’d like to subscribe to the print edition, you can do that at our host site, www.americanarhythm.com. We have some great regional human interest articles.

For more information about Americana Rhythm Music Magazine, visit the web site at www.AmericanaRhythm.com, or email the Greg at Greg@americanarhythm.com.

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